Project Management

Managed a new Intranet platform migration project

  • TYPE:

    Multiple skills used


    Telecom, New Zealand

I really enjoy knowledge transformation projects. You are generally upgrading to an exciting new platform, and its a fantastic opportunity to engage users.

As the implementation manager of Telecom’s Call Centre knowledge base (4000+ users & 22k+ pages) migration, I wore a number of hats:
– Project manager & people leader (to migration team in AKL & HAM)
– Instructional designer & facilitator (to online editors and front-end users)
– User experience designer (working with smes to create their landing pages)
– User interface designer (created content framework and site assets)

The new knowledge base had an increased usage of 500%.

Pictured: Site rebrand for project site, Telecom Stores Team homepage, documentation & FAC guide (back-end training) and site orientation (front-end training).

If you want to know more about this project, please contact me for more details.